Aaaannnndddddd….It’s Winter

Dreaming of warmer days and skateboarding!

Dreaming of warmer days and skateboarding!

Now don’t have a heart attack that I posted twice in one week, but the bitter cold is upon us once again and I just had to acknowledge it. It would appear that all the beauty and splendor of fall have left us and now we are left with the barren wasteland that one calls winter. Oh, I know, the snow is so pretty. But you know what isn’t? Winter. Most of winter is simply cold days, or driving through slush. The super pretty parts are few and far between and we are left dreaming about the good old days of summer – or the good old days of Florida. I think back to how foolish I was, breaking out the winter coat when it was 70. How I complained about the cold and why did I live in such a cold place. Ha! Much like the waistline that I had in high school, one does not appreciate what you have when you have it.

Got up this morning, and it was cold. Drove the boy to school, and it was cold. Came home to my house, still cold. My problem with winter is that I can’t ever get warm and I feel like I will never be warm again. Oh, and trust me, I know that the 30 degrees that I drove in this morning is nothing. I know that it is going to be infinitely worse in just a few short weeks. I know that, depending on who you ask, we are in for full on snow next week. We had flurries on Halloween for goodness sake! How much can one warm weather loving girl take?

Last two years I was content in that with homeschooling I could pretty much hibernate all winter and then re-emerge in spring. However, having to take the boy to school every day has destroyed that dream. (Someone might need to start taking the bus.)

I am off to stoke the fire and huddle in front of it like it is the last bastion of warmth on earth….


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