I have been a mom for eleven amazing years, and I cannot recommend it enough.  I have been blessed with two amazing children, and it is simply tremendous the love that I feel for them. Sometimes I am sure that no one on earth has loved their children as much as I have. (OK, I think that more than just sometimes!)

When my son was about six months old, I mapped out a whole eating plan. I wasn’t sure how one went about offering solid food to children, so I did my research and came up with a plan that worked well for us. But I was in the grocery store and  a woman asked me how I knew what to feed. So I got a piece of paper and wrote down the basic idea of what I did. Then it happened again. And the third time it happened my husband said that I needed to write it all down for all of those other moms who just didn’t know what to do with that newborn baby. And that is how the Mommy Manual was born.

I took all the aspects that I could think of and made notes of the specific products that I liked, and wrote them all down. Well, it did really well the first time around, and since it had been about eight or nine years since I had written it, my husband said that it was time to update it. Some prodding from him and my friend Shannon (OK, a lot of prodding), and I am now getting ready to release the second edition of the book.

How does the homeschooling fit in? Well, we had our kids in private school but they were not getting the education that I wanted them to get and I felt like there was more out there for them. I had another dear friend, Roxana, who had been homeschooling for a year already, and she took me under her wing and saved my life that first year. She made sure that I knew what I was getting myself into and how amazing it could be. Well, we are now on year three and I would not have it any other way. It has been an incredibly challenging journey, but when you hear your nine year old explaining to someone about Queen Victoria and your eleven year old can tell you about the Age of Isolation in Japan, without any prompting from mom – well, you know that you are on the right track.

Will we continue to homeschool through high school? Who knows?! We take it one year at a time and we do it as long as it works for us.

But this site will continue to change over the years as I discover more things that I think can be helpful for you, and as I learn new things that are changing the industry for the better. I will also try to keep on top of recalls and things of that nature, and if you have any questions or comments for me, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

I wish you all the luck in the world, for being a parent is easily the most challenging and rewarding job there is.