Advice for New Moms

Hello New Moms!

First and foremost, let me congratulate you on the fact that you have a new bouncing bundle of joy. Not only are they filled with joy, but just the sheer sight of them will fill you with it as well.

Secondly, let me commiserate with you over that same bouncing bundle of joy Рfor although they will be the source of your greatest joy, they will also be cause for heartache and stress and worry Рbut that is the price for the happiness they bring as well.

The first year is the hardest. You are worried that you are going to do something wrong, or that you will injure them in some way. You worry that you are not doing enough, or that you are doing too much; this is the cross you bear when it comes to raising children. They are amazing, and terrifying all at once – but it is good to know that although you might feel like you are doing something wrong by having these thoughts that you are perfectly normal. You are in good company, for I would venture to say that the majority of parents feel the exact same way when they come home from the hospital, wondering what they were thinking!

Having children is a blessing. That is the simple fact of the matter. But it is an uphill climb, one that will eventually level out. (Not to say that you won’t have your peaks and valleys of course), but it is an amazing experience. The best initial advice I can give is two fold: trust your instincts and love your child. Trust that you know more than you think you do; and know that as long as you always let that child know how completely and unconditionally you love them, that you have conquered at least half the battle.

Welcome to the club…

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