Tired, Tired, and Oh yeah, Did I Mention I was Tired?

I tell you, it seems that things have been just crazy lately. I have been “uber” productive (that being my nine year old’s favorite catch phrase right now, but it does mean that one does not get a lot of sleep. I have found myself working until two or three in the morning working on […]

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So, I just realized how long it has been since I posted. Between homeschooling and moving, it has been a crazy year. We ended up moving to Winchester, VA where it is absolutely beautiful, and completely out of my comfort zone. I miss the warmth of Florida for sure, but I love the people of […]

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Sorry – I have been out of the loop! I have been working on editing the Mommy Manual and I had no idea how much I wanted to change. Then there were those things I changed and then changed them back, so needless to say it has been a slow process. But I am getting […]

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So, we went on vacation to Blairsville, GA and I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME it was. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, and one of the best vacations I have ever been on. We stayed at a friend’s cabin and the view was insane – mountains behind us […]

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You know, it can be tough when you are homeschooling to do all of it yourself, all of the time. Sometimes it is nice to be able to get out of the rut that you are in and branch out to see what other people have to offer in the world of education. For homeschoolers, […]

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One Down, How Many More to Go?

So our first week of school is done – and may I say successfully! It is always nice to get back into the swing and this year we are starting off slowly. We have completed our first week of school, but I did all half days. It was nice, and a great way to get […]

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Summer and Going Back to School

So, when you homeschool summer takes on a new meaning. Now, when my kids went to school, we always did the Summer Bridges to Learning books over the summer so they never really had a whole summer off. It kept their minds fresh, and prepped them for the upcoming year. When they go to school […]

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Homeschooling and Finances

Finances are on my brain today. I can’t stop thinking about money. With the new school year coming up there are a host of new field trips to be signed up for, and yes, they all cost money. As I have mentioned, my children used to go to private school, and we paid for their […]

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Excitement Takes a New Bent

You know, I find the things that get me excited these days are sad on some level. Today I found a new catalog for school stuff – things for decorating your classroom. Well, in trying to figure out where to put all of the new posters, etc. that I found I was LOVING, my husband […]

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Homeschooling Continues

It is funny, really, the amount of time that I now dedicate to my children’s education. It is not as though I didn’t before, I mean, I have always been very involved in their lives. I have spent countless hours at their school volunteering and subbing in their classes. I have spent summers doing work […]

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