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This page is going to be added to on a consistent basis as I list what I like and where you can find it. I will put links to the sites that I find invaluable, and the things that I think you will want to purchase with the birth of your child.  So check back here often to see how its been updated!

On the Go: Strollers, Car Seats, and More

Single Stroller: I used an older version of this one – Graco Baby Fast Action Fold Stroller

Double Stroller: Again, I used an older version of this one as well – Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller

Convertable Car Seat: This is very similar to the one I used – Evenflo Convertible Car Seat

Backpack Diaper Bags: Here is one from that I really liked: Backpack Diaper Bag. And another one from Eddie Bauer that looks even more like the one I used and loved.

Getting Ready for Baby

Bassinet: This one looks like the one I had that I loved, but not quite, and I know it is not the same brand. However, I liked it because it rocked if I wanted it to, and would pop down wheels if I wanted that instead. It also had a basket underneath for extra blankets, etc. which was nice to have right on hand so I recommend one similar to the one in this link.

Crib: I truly can’t recommend this one enough: Crib-4-Life.

Wedge: I couldn’t find the one that I used, but here is one that is similar: Treehouse Baby Wedge. This one is here in the US, but not quite the same: Safe Side Sleeping Pillow

Bumper: This one is not the one I used, but it is very similar. It has the ties in the corners, as well as on the sides, which makes it much sturdier.

Mobile for Crib: There are two mobiles that I liked, this Tiny Love Mobile is the exact one that I ended up using until they were older and then they just used the music box on the side of the crib. I rotated it out with a black and white one as well, just for variety. Then there was the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders one that I loved as well.

Mommy Bear: This is almost identical to the one we used, although I could have sworn the name of it was Mama Bear – and they call it Mommy Bear. So, perhaps I just have the name wrong – or they don’t make the brand I used.

Boppy: The Boppy was terrific – and I had it in a different pattern than the one shown here. They have plenty to pick from – so you can look around and see which one you like best.

Playpen: Now, the Pack ‘n Play from Graco was what I had – it did not look exactly like this – but this is pretty close. It did not have a bassinet in it, and quite frankly I don’t know if you need all of that – but it did have the attachable changing table, which was nice. It saves your back from bending over for sure. If you have the extra money to spend and want to get one with the bassinet as well, then by all means do so, but I never found it necessary.

Swing: I had a swing that looked much like this one. I really loved it! If I was cooking dinner, they could be in there swinging with me, and it enabled me to have my hands free and them far away from the hot stove.  When my daughter was born it became invaluable for her sleeping needs, so you could say we definitely got our moneys worth!

We also had a rocker of sorts – it would lay back for when they were really tiny, and then could adjust so that when they got a little bigger they could be propped up more. This one is a pretty good idea of what I mean. It also played music, had little things hanging to keep them occupied, and it vibrated so that they felt like they were moving even when I wasn’t doing it.

Harness/Carrier: This carrier is almost identical to the one that I used. It was terrific! I could carry them around, leaving my hands free to do stuff – but still have them with me. It was pretty tremendous!

Bottles and Breastfeeding

Breast Pump: This Avent one is the one that I used, and I loved it. I knew many women at the same time that felt the same way about it. It was just perfect for my needs.

Avent Bottles: These are the best bottles around – and they work with the above breast pump. Really a good system to use.

Bottle Warmer: Again, I did not have much need for bottle warmers, but when I did use one this is the one I used. It was simple to use, and they have such a great reputation that I am sure that if  I had used it all the time that it would have been just as simple and efficient.

Safety Equipment

For this stuff, it is pretty self explanatory – I have included a list of links so you can see what I am talking about. These links are all for Amazon, but you can find them at Home Depot, One Step Ahead, etc.

Toys and Learning

Neurosmith: They make some really fun toys that my kids just loved.  They have the Music Blocks, Sunshine Symphony, and Jumbo Music Block. They were all a ton of fun, and my kids played with them for years.  We also had the Babbler, but my kids were not as into that one as the other stuff.

Activity Gym: We had two of the Tiny Love Gymini activity gyms. We had one in Black and White and one in color. They were both gifts and we used them both, but honestly I cannot say that my children preferred the color over the Black and White and vice versa

Fisher Price: There are so many different things to pick from here.  Anything Little People was a hit – hands down. We had a ton of the toys and both my kids loved them. The Rock a Stack was a big one too – and that one is very good for hand to eye coordination. We had the Band Walker – also very enjoyable for the kids, but not something you will probably want the first year. It depends on your child – my son walked early so he used it, but my daughter didn’t walk until after she turned one so there was no need for her to have it.   I don’t think you can really go wrong with much of the Fisher Price toys – there are many to pick from and each one sounds better than the next!