Excitement Takes a New Bent

You know, I find the things that get me excited these days are sad on some level. Today I found a new catalog for school stuff – things for decorating your classroom. Well, in trying to figure out where to put all of the new posters, etc. that I found I was LOVING, my husband pointed out that we had a bulletin board in the office that I could bring out and put borders around! LOL! How funny is that! I was so excited I spent the next hour looking at borders for my new bulletin board.

These are the things that occupy my time these days. When I am not writing, I am perusing curriculum like a woman obsessed. I cannot stop looking online at possibilities for the upcoming school year. But, of course, my curriculum search is now going to be compromised by my new catalog! I know, you think I am kidding, but my husband will attest to the sheer number of hours that I have spent trying to figure out what curriculum I am going to use, and how much time I am going to spend on each subject, each day of each week.  I have reworked my schedule for next year more times than I can count!

But this is what we do as parents, as homeschooling moms or not, we spend our time worried about how we can make our children’s life better. What can we do to ensure success? How can we make them the most amazing human beings on earth? We are competing with ourselves and what we hope for our children because most parents want more. They want more for their children than they had. And we do whatever we can to get them there – including obsessing about every aspect of their lives.  We just want to do right by them, and without there being any sort of manual telling us how to do that, it can be tough to know if we are making the right decisions, or if we are pushing them too hard, or if we are messing them up more than helping them. These are the problems that we struggle with, and only time will tell if we have made the right decisions for them or not. But until we figure it out, we just have to keep plugging along, and hoping for the best.



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