Homeschooling and Finances

Finances are on my brain today. I can’t stop thinking about money. With the new school year coming up there are a host of new field trips to be signed up for, and yes, they all cost money. As I have mentioned, my children used to go to private school, and we paid for their education every month. Then, when I took them out of school, I kept paying that same amount to a separate account for the kids each month and out of that I take all of my homeschooling expenses. My curriculum, field trips, extras – anything related to their education came out of this account. Now, you would think that this would be plenty of money to do EVERYTHING that we wanted to do. However, I still find that there are things that we cannot do based on what they cost. I can do a trip down to Tampa for a Busch Gardens Event and it will cost me $30 for me and the kids, plus gas. Or I can do a class at the Orlando Science Center for the same price. Or, we can do a class at MOSI for a bit less. And the list of possibilities goes on and on. I mean, you  could really do a field trip almost every day in the month if you wanted to.

So once I decide which of these great events that I really feel the kids need to take, then I need to look at the calendar and figure out which ones are going to fit in our schedule – and when they overlap – which is the better trip. A lot of thought goes into planning these trips. Then once I have all of that figured out, I have to decide which of these things I can afford to do. We already pay out monthly expenses for them related to the YMCA (for their PE class twice a week), Kung Fu (twice a week), guitar (once a week), ice skating (once a month), and this year I think we are going to have a monthly expense for Disney passes as well as Sea World passes. As you can see it starts to add up. Then we add in at least one play a month for our culture, and then start deciding which of the other classes I want them to take.  Then, on top of all of that, there is the fact that I have to save some money each month to go towards next year’s curriculum.

I know it will all work out, and they will end up with a spectacular year once again, but it is the planning that starts to make me a little crazy in trying to get it all put together.  Well, I am off for more planning, and hoping that one day I will win the lottery and figure out how to put more hours in the day – and then I can do it all!


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