Jumping Off the Cliff


Balkan Cliff Jumping

I saw this terrific video entry by Steve Harvey in which he said that in order to get ahead in life, and to see your dreams succeed; you have to jump off the cliff. He talked about the fact that the only way to get your parachute to open is to jump. He went on to reference the bumps and bruises that you would get along the way from crashing while you were trying to get that parachute to open; and that eventually it would open. One thing was for sure – your parachute will never open if you don’t jump.

This is really sound advice. I have often been faced with the choice between jumping and playing it safe in my life, and quite often, I choose to play it safe. When I was younger I think I was definitely more of a jumper – but the older I have gotten and the more responsibilities that I have taken on, I have definitely decided to take the safer route. I think this is something that many adults – especially parents – do, but it happens so slowly that you are not really aware of it happening – just one day you wake up and you are not necessarily where you want to be but you are definitely safe from whatever you were afraid of. 

But what if you wake up and discover that you played it safe, and you still ended up experiencing all of the things that you tried so hard to avoid? Do you keep playing it safe and hope that things turn out the way you were hoping, or do you finally make that leap and hope you get where you were trying to get in the first place?

I hope you jump.

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