New Year’s Resolutions

What are your resolutions?

Well, it is that time of year. Time to look back on the year past to see what we could have done better, and time to look forward to see what we are hoping to change or gain from the future. Each and every year people make a show of making New Year’s Resolutions that are the things that they hope to come true for themselves. I, myself, have fallen prey to this many a year – and they were usually of the general variety like lose weight and get into shape. This past year has been an interesting one, and it has actually forced me to make some changes that otherwise I probably would not have. 

For starters – the whole eat healthy and lose weight thing is at the forefront of my resolutions, basically because it has to be. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis this year, which was kind of a scary thing. I had always thought that RA was a form of arthritis – but it isn’t really – it is an autoimmune disease that attacks your entire body. My father had it, and it made him very ill and eventually was one of the factors in his death. Now, his was also in remission when he actually passed away, but at that point much of the damage was done. Upon being diagnosed with it myself, I changed everything. No more junk food, no processed foods, paleo, no nightshades, all organic and natural, cut out gluten – I mean I really went to town. And then I got sick from the fact that I wasn’t actually eating anything, so I revamped what I was eating and actually got healthy. I lost almost 40 lbs. and felt and looked great. The RA doc that I went to put me on meds that made my hands feel terrific – and truly I was in a good place. But then, I got lazy. I went on vacation, started eating more of what I shouldn’t be and less of what I should. Now I am not feeling nearly as well, I have gained back about 10 lbs., and I feel junky. Needless to say, this is one resolution that I am going to keep.

Secondly, my work life. I have been an author and freelance writer for 12 years. That’s a really long time to do one thing. The one company that I contract with, that I have been with for the past 8 years, recently went under. This means that the majority of my income also went under. I still do proofreading and copyediting, and I do other things here and there for other companies, but I have really not worked hard at cultivating that arena because I was full time busy with my other steady work.  I have thought about really working on my own business and the things that I do outside the realm of this one company that I do content writing for, but I got lazy and content doing what I had. This has been a kick in the pants needless to say, so I am focusing on really doing much more independent work, which is something I should have been doing all along. So resolution #2 is to get my work life in order. 

Thirdly, my social life is not what I would like it to be. I am an introvert by nature. I enjoy being around other people, and I have a good time being around other people, but if I am honest, I really prefer not being around other people. I enjoy my kids and my husband and really, I don’t need anything more than that. But that means that I literally have to force myself to go places and do things because I just don’t want to. But then there are times that I want to, rarely enough, but I haven’t cultivated any friendships here in Virginia that I feel that I can call someone up last minute and say, “Hey, let’s hang out. I know we haven’t talked in forever, but don’t you want to drop everything and come out with me because I am finally venturing out of my house?” So I am working on being more social. Honestly, that is probably the hardest of the three to do.

So this is where I sit. I have three things that I must accomplish this year, and by putting them out there I really feel like it will be easier to be held accountable. So, dear readers, you get to hold me accountable. If you so desire, you can add in your resolutions below and we will hold each other accountable. 

That being said, have a very Happy New Year!!

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