Ode to My Computer


Not sure if this is my exact one, but it is pretty close.

There are not many things that I can’t live without. Obviously food and water are necessities, but I was recently asked what I couldn’t live without and I was hard pressed to come up with an answer. Finally, I realized that if anything, it was probably my computer. My iPad comes a close second and in a pinch, I can use that, but my computer is my number one guy. Many people say that they love their computers, but it is not possible for them to love theirs as much as I love mine. Let me start off by saying that I am a PC gal, and have no plans on ever changing. Keep your Macs; they don’t do anything for me. I have an HP and it is my life. I keep my email, my calendar, all of my work, and all of my homeschool information, all on my computer.

My kids use it for their schoolwork, for sites that their iPads won’t let them access, miscellaneous stuff like that. I don’t let them play games on it, but I don’t play games on it either. That is what my iPad is for!

There are lots of us out there, those that have their lives on their laptop, so I am not alone in my love for my device. I have often purchased Hewlett-Packard’s products when it comes to computers as I find that they last longer than many other brands. My last laptop was 8 years old before it died, and when it did, I went and bought another HP laptop.

I can easily access any of my homeschooling records, documents, lapbooks, anything that I need that I have stored on my computer – just as easily as I can access any of my work documents at a moment’s notice. It has a Core i7 processor, which means absolutely nothing to me, but I was told it was spectacular. All I know is that my computer runs fast, is reliable, and is literally everything I need to get my work done.  It also has a 17” touch screen that I adore – even though my husband had to convince me that I wanted it at the time of purchase. I was all, “I don’t need a touch screen, blah, blah” and have since come to see the error of my ways. And the screen – wow! I can watch movies on it, television shows, and all my documents are huge. I am completely spoiled as 15” screens seem microscopic compared to it. I will admit though, it is also heavier than a 15” which can make it kind of awkward when I have to carry it around, and it doesn’t fit very well on the little tables at Panera so I have to take a bigger table which makes me kind of rude I suppose. But I only go during off hours if that helps?

Now, being dependent on my computer is probably not a good thing, for if it were to crash I would normally be up the creek. However, for years my brother told me to back up my computer, and I just never did it. The things that I have lost – it makes me sick to think of it! Then my friend Shannon was visiting and literally made me go get a backup hard drive so that if something happened I would have my stuff.

Well, don’t you know, but she backs up my computer for me and maybe a week later my old computer dies. Like dead. Not coming back any time soon. Not that this hasn’t happened before. If it crashed, I took it to my brother, he did CPR and brought it back to life. This time, nope. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. (You get the picture.)

What is your “die without” object? (And of course, I ask this fully knowing that there is probably nothing other than food and water that you would literally “die” without.)

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