This page is going to eventually have all kinds of links for you of products that have been recalled, or safety information that is new and should be checked out.

These first couple of links are for water safety information, as I highly recommend that you get your child into a program. We used Safe Start, and as you can see in the book, I found it to be a tremendous resource and I am sure that it went a long way to making my children the strong swimmers that they are today.  These sites will give you statistics and facts that prove that water safety is not to be ignored.


Here is a list of the recalls for items as they pertain to children. This recall list seems to be pretty spot on and I recommend you check it often to ensure that you don’t have any of the items recalled. Better safe than sorry!

I have found another recall list that I think is quite useful as well, you might want to check it out.

Here is yet another article: Baby Proofing and Kids Home Safety Guide. I looked over it and it seemed to have some great ideas on how to keep your little ones safe.


Safe Kids USA: This one talks about the risks of children drowning, while this one shows the research that is out there of the risk of it happening.

Safe Start: This is a link to the Safe Start program, which is specifically what I used with my kids and I loved it. Now, I know that they are not all over the country or the world yet, but if they are near you – I highly recommend you check them out. If they are not near you, please find an infant survival class that is.

Baby Zone: This one is a link to where you can find infant swim lessons.


March of Dimes: Here is a great link as to why co-sleeping can be dangerous for your infant.

American Academy of Pediatrics: This link is for their position on Bed Sharing, as well as a host of other things that could lead to an increased risk of SIDS.