Too Busy to Write?

Time ExtraI know, I know, it sounds terrible, but it is true! I have been too busy to stay on top of the site here, and I blame everyone except myself.

Seriously, one thing that I am notoriously bad at is managing my time wisely. It is not that I don’t have a system to keep on top of things, and a pretty standard way of doing things as well, but I have a tendency to do the things that have to get done and then waste the rest of my precious time – of which there really is not all that much!

The kids get schooled, the work gets done, but the creative stuff – that gets pushed to the side – forgotten about until something smacks me in the face and makes me do something about it. Perfect example, my friend Shannon. She is always on my “you know what” about doing my creative stuff. I agree with her and then continue to shove it to the back of the closet. Well, she is right – don’t tell her I said so – and I am making more of an effort to be creatively productive. (Hence this blog post!)

I am pleased to announce that Mommy Manual is completed! We have a cover and it is being “kindleized” even as we speak. So as soon as I have the word that it is on there I will let you all know. I am really excited about getting it done, the second edition turned out to be a very long road – eek!

I am also working on a book about the i-ching – my husband had a brilliant idea regarding it, and I am helping him with that. I will let you all know when that is completed as well.

Finally, I have started the fiction book that I said I would finish how long ago? But I have the first chapter done, and most of the second – so progress is being made – just much slower than I had originally thought it would go.

So that is my news, keeping busy, busy being creative, all that good stuff.

Have a terrific evening…

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